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    Default Post-ulcer care/prevention?

    Looking for some info on what the next step should be for my ulcer boy... I've almost finished his course of treatment and not really sure what or if I should be supplementing with. I'm not really keen to pay the cost for GG again so I'd like to make sure I'm taking sufficient preventative steps to prevent the ulcers recurring.

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    A slow feed hay net is my horse's best friend. I love the freedom feeder because it is very easy to use and can be hung pretty low.

    A low sugar feed such as TC Senior would be great. I also feed alfalfa pellets which is a natural buffer.

    If you ride that horse, give 10 extra strength tums and 1/4 scoop alfalfa pellets directly before bridling. This also made a big difference in my horse. My horse prefers the berry flavored tums.

    He also gets a small dose of buffered compounded omeprazole from precision pharmacy when needed. If you are interested pm me and I will tell you about keeping it from breaking down/storage as omeprazole is very reactive.

    I never found a supplement that worked.

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    I have my ulcer-prone horse on the platinum performance gastric support. Also looking to put him on Cimetidine, a prescription is needed but MUCH cheaper than gastroguard and can also be used to treat ulcers. smartpak carries it

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