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    Default Kickstarter/IndieGogo: Who's posted a project or donated?

    We just launched our current independent game project up on Kickstarter this morning and was wondering... anyone else ever gone this route to secure funding? Ever donated? Nightmares? Horror stories? Stories of great success and awesomeness?

    My introducing to the whole crowd-sourced fundraising thing was The Oatmeal's Bear Love Good, Cancer Bad and Let's Build a F******* Tesla Museum campaigns.

    Having our own project up there is nerve-wracking and nail biting, so I'm on pins and needles waiting to see what happens. I never was very good at popularity contests. XD

    I'm not going to post a link to Kickstarter since the game itself is probably going for an M rating due to cartoon gore and violence (although you DO fight the evil PITA! Sandwhich corporation), but if you're curious, you could head over there and search for "Fuzzy" in the Games section. And yes, that's my husband in the video. XD Nobody else wanted to do it so we told him that's why we paid him the big bucks. XD
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    My little brother used Kickstarter to raise funds for his band to travel to Hollywood to record a CD, and while they didn't make their 'goal' amount, they raised a good chunk of change and it really helped them out! It's worth a try.
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    I have donated to a couple of projects, and it's always been a great experience. I think it's such a fabulous concept!!

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    I've donated to three projects - two via Kickstarter and a third through Chipin.. all three made their goal and I got the satisfaction of knowing that I made a small contribution to their success.

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    People asked me to make an IndieGoGo campaign when my house burned down right before Christmas and they wanted to donate. It worked very well.
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    I've donated, usually to music-related projects by people who are known to me. Never had a problem.
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    I ran a Kickstarter in the Fall of last year to raise funds for promoting my book (search for "Doggitude"). It was a LOT of hard work and quite a rollercoaster ride emotionally (at least until the project got successfully funded at about the halfway point) but oh so worth it.

    I have supported a lot of KS projects and as a gamer, am always interested in games so I'll check yours out. I am designing a card game based on my book's theme (dogs and haiku); if playtesting goes well, I will do a Kickstarter to fund its initial publication and promotion (hopefully this year).

    Good luck with your project, OP!
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