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    What an interesting, lively discussion my original post prompted! I've learned a lot, thanks.

    In MediaMD Land every road would have a large bicycle-only lane, and every rider would wear bright reflective clothing, and each bike would sport one of those fire-engine yellow flags on a 6 ft pole to alert drivers of all vehicles large and small coming up the hill behind them.

    LOL....not gonna happen, but it sure would make life a little safer and calmer out there on the roads we all travel.

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    Not that I disagree with MediaMD Land's roads but want to point out that aside from possibly the bike lane, none of that would have changed what happened to you in your OP. You need to proceed as if there was something in the road right out of your sight so you can act accordingly if there is.

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    Sounds like almost every day when trailering horses around Middleburg an the this day (it's been uh, 20+ years since I was there) I remember those heart attacks.....and try meeting ANOTHER loaded trailer coming the other direction....
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    Default If you couldn't see over the hill, then...

    You were going too fast. What if a car had been broken down in your lane just over the crest?

    You already know the road is narrow, it could have been someone driving a car or riding a horse or simply stopped taking a picture of a bird in your lane.

    If you are driving a loaded rig, you have a responsibility to avoid a situation where you'll put them on their noses if you have to stop fast. Some things can't be helped, this could have if you had been going a bit slower until you could see over the hill in front of you.
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    Being able to see over a hill or not isn't a matter of going too fast. If I'm at a dead stop, I still can't see over the hill

    Yes, you can go more slowly, slower than the speed limit, that's already been discussed.

    But then YOU risk becoming victim to what you're trying to avoid because no matter how well we try to treat potential dangers, not everyone does

    I don't know where the line is between going slowly enough to be able to avoid any and all dangers over the hill/around the curve, but still going fast enough to avoid being rear-ended by the next one behind you who says "55mph speed limit means I can go 67 without getting tagged"
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    JB, you are so very right.

    I'm not saying let's go kill all the stupid people...I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out.

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