Hi All,

I am shopping early for a horse trailer for this show season. It will be my first trailer so I am learning a lot about what I can and cannot afford compared to what I do and don't want!

Saturday I looked at a nice, name-brand, 8 year old trailer. Exterior was in good shape and interior overall is quite nice for the age of the trailer. The trailer is an aluminum skin over a steel frame. My only concern is there is a considerable amount of surface rust inside near the horse's head areas. The trailer is a two-horse straight load and the rust is in the front parts of both stalls. It does not seem to be due to a leak or anything - maybe just general horse nose spray coupled with a humid environment has caused it. Thoughts? Is this common? I looked at a 1994 Trail-et that had similar rust but was a little surprised to see the same issue in a newer trailer.

Any experience you have with surface rust in the front half of the compartment would be appreciated. Can I sand and paint over? Is this rust common? Unheard of? Is it a deal breaker? Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise!