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    Default Swiching from a Premium Grain Based Kibble to Grain Free

    So I had previously had my beagle on a raw diet.....however his stomach is so sensitive I couldn't get him to adjust...his stools were extremely loose and he often got sick. (my lab does raw no problem.)
    So I switched him to a premium grain based kibble. (no wheat, no corn, no soy)

    Now, we are coming out with a grain free kibble...(same brand) and I was wondering if it was worth the switch to a grain free kibble. He's highly allergic to corn and even on the grain based kibble, he's still very itchy and scratchy. I'm thinking he's allergic to grains....however, this grain free kibble has beet pulp in it worth the switch to something with beet pulp in it?

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    If he's still scratching and itching, I'd say to try it. Beet pulp doesn't bother me, specially since my ponies get it all the time ;-) Could be you need to switch to a different protein source too. My GSD does the best with fish, otherwise he'll get the runs and the itchies.

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    Your grain-free food has fewer ingredients and gets away from grain; I think I would try it. There's a lot of "salad" items in the first one, the blueberries and all that, I think you can get away from that and see how he does. It's the same protein/fat-just tweaking the ingredients, worth a shot!

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    note the third ingredient is "pea protein" in the grain-free one: they are adding purified low-quality protein to it to pretend it has more fish in it that it actually has, and its protein level is already sub-optimal.
    Also note the generic terms for fish- no named species at all, suggesting it's a low-quality fish product, basically waste from the fish industry.
    I'd rank the one with the barley and millet, both of which are quite far down the list of ingredients, as a better food overall- it has salmon in it, and doesn't have purified pea protein; it's protein level is still sub-optimal, but it's more likely that most of the protein listed is from higher-quality animal sources.
    Not that it matters with allergies- if you don't know what the dog is allergic to, you can't fix it except by trial and error.
    If I were doing trial-and-error I'd select a totally different brand, and a totally different formulation- you're currently feeding fish/potato, so I'd try chicken-rice or duck-sweet potato. Something totally different.

    Is there some reason why you need to use that brand?

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