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    Mar. 13, 2007
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    I was curious, so I spec'ed out a Mattes jumping contour with sheepskin just under the seat area. No piping, no trim front or back. $121.80 US plus $6.90 shipping. What a great deal.

    The pads for my hubbie's horse never has back trim, only front trim, cuz she has such a short back.
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    Mar. 23, 2006


    I was going to say that the dressage forum has been chattering about these Mattes pads for a while now:

    Issue (if it is an issue!!) is that they take several weeks to make and ship. The other option, who I've purchased from before with great success, is world equestrian brands (look in the outlet section for deals):

    Not the most descriptive webpage but the quality is there.

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    Jun. 29, 2004


    This Mattes is a contour-type, don't know if it is forward enough for you.

    Mattes used to make a traditional white quilted fitted style with the sheepskin underneath, I remember because I planned to buy one. Then when I was ready to shop, I couldn't find it any more. This is very similar though, except the contouring is slightly different.

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    Jul. 19, 2003
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    I have wondered about the Mattes contour in the past. They don't seem forward enough. Has anyone used them? I also don't believe, other than the crazy cool Mattes site about, that you can find them in anything other than All Purpose, which is far too straight.

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    You could always have a Mattes contoured pad re-shaped for you--anyone with the proper type of sewing machine could add a dart and take the shape forward.
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