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    Default Baby horse clipper woes

    My 8 month old colt will let me clip him everywhere on his body with no complaints....except his bridle path and ears. We have been working with clipper for a while and I can clip his entire face except for this area. He is not ear shy and I can handle his ears with no problems. He's not afraid of the clippers - he gets mad and usually resorts to big time head shaking and will rub his head/neck on whatever is nearby to try to get the clippers away. He is a very easy baby and usually goes with the flow - thus is the only thing we've had problems with.

    Anyone have any advice on how to handle this?

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    What helped me was to hang on them until they gave it up. Keep the clippers near their ears as close as you can get and leave them there, follow them around their stall. I used little tiny battery clippers that couldn't actually cut a hair if you begged them. They made enough noise and vibration to be effective.

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    We use a blow dryer. You can keep the "blow" on him regardless of what he does, and soon he will realize he can't avoid it. Usually a session or two is all it takes before they learn to tolerate the tickle of the clippers.

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    Try an electric tooth brush. It is cordless, easy to hold, makes noise and vibrates. We use this on foals that come here to our farm that have never clipped before and are unsure about their ears. Works great I also agree with the posted that does not stop, until they quit moving their feet, or shaking their head. The reward of me stopping is when they have taken a deep breath and relented to what I am asking. I take the same approach to washing their faces. I don't stop till tell say ok. fine. If you stop everytime they shake their head or back up, they win at that point. Keep the sessions short and build on them. Don't try to clip them perfect they first time he/she stand still to let you. Always end on a good note and try again the next day. I would repeat this till they stand without a fight or objecting to the clipping. Good Luck!

    Here is a short clip of one of the foals in our weanling Kindergarten program. He is 8 months old too. I hope his future grooms appreciate what a good boy he is
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