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    Mar. 4, 2010

    Default Supplement to deal with stress/fearful dog?

    My neighbor has been fostering a beagle for a local rescue. The dog was living feral for almost a year, hanging around a factory. He's obese, because they fed him crap, but also terribly, terribly fearful of people. It took them 7 months to catch him. Now she has him in a pen, and has been making some headway, but the poor dog trembles any time anyone comes in the pen. The rescue is talking about euthanizing him because they don't think he'll ever get over his issues. He's only been in custody for 2 weeks.

    He is improving, though. And he isn't a fear biter (thank God). He just tries to hide and shakes uncontrollably. She's a busy mom with a small business, so she doesn't have a lot of time to spend with the dog, but she does spend time with him daily. She is going to try to convince the rescue to give her at least a month to work with the dog. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Two things: 1) Shen Calmer, from Dr. Xie, can only be gotten through a vet.

    2) Find a good positive reward trainer and learn as much as possible about to change this.
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    I second the trainer and if you can't get the shen calmer, Composure treats work. I like the Composure Pro the best.

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    DAP diffuser or collar may work in this situation.

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    If he is dog friendly (and he probably is if he was feral), put another friendly confident dog in with him, or see if someone can take him home where there is another dog or 2 and foster him. I have one that was like that, that took me 9 months to catch and now he is great. Never been aggressive with me, but was fearful. Having the other dogs around, and walking them together helped his confidence. Lots of dropping treats when I walked past, or tossing one near him if he looked at me, helped him learn that people=good things.
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    Rescue Remedy in the water or over the food.

    It was in context with rescue dogs I first heard about it, then with horses, then I read in a book how a gardener used it on plants with success, then I tried it myself.
    The stuff is simply amazing, taking the edge off, as soon as it hits the tongue!
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    Mar. 4, 2010


    Thank you for your advice. She does have two other very people-friendly fosters, so maybe she can put two of them together. I'll spring for the Rescue Remedy or the DAP collar. Maybe both.


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