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    Feb. 25, 2012


    I have had great experience with the i njectible Cerenia and not so great with the oral. I would go injectible for mine. Just my experience. It was awesome for end-of-life renal kitty.

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    May. 8, 2002


    I've gone through pancreatitis with my cat. Vomiting wasn't a simptom for her. She wouldn't eat and was quite ill. Witholding food would only make it worse so I would not suggest that at all. They recommend a bland diet. I liked the royal canin canned out of the prescription options and it also seemed to be the most palatable. You don't leave them on it, it's just until the recover. But there is a blood test you can get done to see if it is pancreatitis so no need to guess.

    I wish every cat owner would read the following website:

    Even if you don't want to go down the raw path, it's still a very informative read about cat nutritional topics. Cured my IBD cat who had terrible diarrhea, no vomiting though, but even steroids didn't help her diarrhea. But now she's perfectly healthy. I never had a positive conformation via ultra sound that it was IBD so it could have been something else that was causing her diarrhea. I did take her to the vet (who diagonsed her symptomatically with IBD) many times for it though and tried everything--special RX diets, steroids etc. and nothing was working.

    24 hours on raw and it was "cured" and a few weeks later she gained all her weight back and looked fantastic. And as an added bonus my other girl who had a tendency to upchuck once a week, stopped throwing up.

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    Update --

    After 1 week of metronidazole (couldn't get her to swallow it beyond a week), and a switch to a better (fewer ingredients) food, we have had NO vomiting at all in 3 weeks. I think she's gained back a little weight too. Thanks for the brainstorming.
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    I had a dilute calico DSH that puked at least once a day, every day her entire life. Diagnostics showed nothing, food changes had no effect. She lived to be 18.
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    Which food, Lori?

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    Thank you for the information. Vet originally thought pancreatitis too- we are checking for that if there is a next step. I finally decided to switch food. Soft Hills Prescription diet. Day two of very small frequent " mini meals" and no vomiting. Hopefully we are finally on the right track. Still no concrete diagnosis. She is 7- has had week long episodes for the vomiting- this was by far the worst. I did take away all food and water for an entire day, this was however after she went to the vet and received fluids, dehydration is my worst fear. Lori B glad to hear she is getting better!!

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