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    Default hepatitis and milk thistle

    my horse was recently diagnosed with chronic hepatitis. he is on meds for fever and infection. i read about using milk thistle in addition to the standard treatments.

    anyone have any experience with hepatitis? do you know how your horse contracted the disease?

    anyone familiar with milk thistle?


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    Milk thistle has shown some modest benefits in models of liver disease with carefully controlled use, but knowing the purity, strength, and proper dosing is SO difficult with non-regulated herbal remedies. That's enough, in my mind, to make them a "no go". Others' opinions of course vary enormously based on their comfort level with unregulated products.

    My own philosophy is to not add things that are not shown to be of significant benefit for the precise disease in question, and since most drugs (and this includes herbs) have to be handled by the liver this would go double for an animal with a liver that's not working properly.
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    I'd recommend ground whole seed, approximately 4 grams/day. (assuming an average sized horse)
    Milk thistle is generally safe, and may offer some hepatoprotective effects in hepatitis.
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