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    It's not really mid nor west


    Quote Originally Posted by tollertwins View Post
    RE: the melanoma vaccine - he was most def. talking about the one where you use the horse's own melanoma cells.

    I'll go check out the one you are talking about...didn't know about it! I had heard that the one above had been started by success w/ a similar method in d
    ogs, so thot that they were the same.

    ETA: Just read the article - we had just been listening to a TED talk about something similar that they are trying for people! E.g. vaccines targeted to certain types of DNA!
    Here is the info on the study. It is not an inexpensive proposition, unfortunately.
    As Peter, Paul, and Mary say, a dragon lives forever.

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    May. 10, 2010


    OP, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Sending jingles your way and praying your girl makes a speedy recovery!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrowneDragon View Post
    Here is the info on the study. It is not an inexpensive proposition, unfortunately.
    WOW!!! And considering I'm totally on the opposite end of the country, that one isnt on the table.

    We also dont have anything external to biopsy....

    But thanks for the info anyhow......

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    You do not have to participate in the study to use the vaccine. All you need is a board certified oncologist who's willing to give it a go with you.

    Seriously, if you're curious about trying it, contact Jeffery Phillips. He was happy to answer my questions via email.

    It's still not going to be cheap.

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    Email the oncologists at UF if you think they can help. When my daughter's horse had lymphoma a year ago, she emailed one of the vet oncologists at UF. The oncologist had some good suggestions for a few doses of chemo, and the horse is doing well.

    So sorry you are going through this.

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