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    Talking Calling all JWI Ambassadors: Newbie in need of hand-holding

    I've just received my acceptance letter and I'm super excited to get started! I know there are quite a few ambassadors on here, so I figured I'd reach out to you all for some advice and maybe a little hand holding.

    I moved to AZ only a year ago and won't start showing out here until the fall so I really don't know if there are any ambassadors in my area. I'd love to coordinate on projects and such if there are any of you living nearby.

    Otherwise, how does it all work? Do fundraising initiatives need to be approved by someone prior to getting started or can ambassadors just slap the JWI logo on just about anything and start raising money? For example, say I wanted to set up a booth at a show. Do I need to ask permission to get a big 'ole banner printed up with the JWI logo/info etc? Are we required to choose from certain set types of fundraising initiatives or are we only limited by our imagination, time and resources?

    Any other tidbits of advice for a newbie?

    dream it. achieve it. eff the odds.

    JustWorld International Ambassador!

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    I would probably run anything you want to do by Amber Warren, the Ambassador coordinator first - either by friending the JustWorld AmbassadorCoordinator on Facebook or using her contact info on the website. It wouldn't hurt to ask her about ambassadors in your area too; there's a master list on the website but it only sorts by country. She may be also be able to help you form a committee to plan and execute the event.
    There's been many different types of fundraisers - horseless horse shows, costume classes, silent auctions, bake sales, dunk tanks.. I could go on forever! They are definitely open to new ideas if you have any. What type of fundraiser you do obviously depends on your target event and group of people (ie - small schooling show ran a very successful costume class, but the Hampton Classic has a big $$ silent auction).
    Have fun! JWI is a great charity run by a wonderful group of people

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    ^Covered most of what I would say, but OP, feel free to PM me or email me (might work better, my inbox here is pretty full) if you have more questions. I've been an ambassador since 2008. My e-mail is

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    Not much to add, but I second (third?) asking Amber, she would be the one to put you in touch with other ambassadors in your area! There is also a Facebook group for JWI ambassadors where people post pictures of their fundraisers and such, and a way for ambassadors to connect.

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