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    Quote Originally Posted by Simkie View Post
    You can also use dormosedan gel sublingually. It is very effective.
    Quote Originally Posted by ecrklaveness View Post
    Ihave you considered boots, glue-on shoes or easyboot glue-ons?

    Used together, for 2~4 shoeings, this would be my suggestion. The Dormosidan to keep him calm, and the glue-ons to get him to understand his foot isn't going to hurt every time. Once the foot has healed, back off the sedation, and once he'll stand for a set of glue-ons without sedation, reintroduce him to the idea of nailing. While glue-ons are expensive, they cost less than the vet visit in my experience.

    Also, if this has been going on for a while, have we done recent radiographs or an MRI to be sure the infection hasn't gotten into the bone? That can be a big cause of ongoing pain issues.
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    Sometimes it's the farrier, not the horse.

    I had my last horse for 12 years. For a brief period of time he misbehaved for the farrier. If I put him on the cross ties, he'd break through them.

    As soon as I got a new farrier, he stopped.

    It wasn't anything that this guy did that was obvious, because I was there, but there was something about him my horse really didn't like.
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    Along with your handling, the bute etc, what about using a clicker with the treats when he is being good? maybe don't give him his breakfast, so he is looking forward to the treats even more, and like a previous poster suggested use a hammer to tap/bang his feet, click and reward when the behaviour is appropriate.
    Barring that, I don't think the suggestion of another farrier is a bad one..other than the PITA factor might be worth a shot.

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    No suggestions to add - you've had some good ones - just a "thank you" from a farrier's wife for opting to find a solution to this, rather than regarding it as the farrier's problem!

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