Trouble selling your horse? Maybe you're just not using the right catchy phrases....(bold is mine)

5 yrs. old, had a mule colt took off her 2 months ago they told me she belong to old man and he led her and rode his grand kids on her he passed away, and she was sold she don't under stand how to rein. this is a nice mare a little work and she will bring 3 times what i am asking for buck, no bite, no kick, just dumb will trade for cart horse if it's a good one.
No steering (with potentially no real training) and dumb? I'll take 3!

You guessed it-craigslist! Sarcasm and terrible wording (maybe he meant to say "I'm just dumb" and left some words out ) aside, she's actually a cute little mare. I'm betting the "dumb" comes from a lack of training and direction.

What are some of the best (of the worst) sales tactics you've seen used?