I've been doing searches but if anyone wants to share stories on these particular injuries I'd appreciate it. Of course I understand that each horse is an individual and responds to treatments differently.

To make a very long story short; TL eventer. Symptoms were summer time grade 2 RF and grade 1 LF on the longe. Shoeing changes and Adaquan and then sound, competed BN 2x in Nov. in Dec RF was a 3 and LF was a 2 in trot on the longe. Jogging in hand on the straight away there was nothing.

MRI results are in and we need to do blocks and u/s to further asses the damage. There is edema to the lateral Collateral Ligament in the RF and edges of the RF lateral suspensory shows mild inflammation. LF has mild inflammation of the distal and oblique sesmoidean ligaments. In a previous phone message I'd also heard Annual Ligaments were involved as well, but I wasn't told which foot.

Again I'll know more after blocks and u/s early next week.

I have experience with suspensory branch tears.... we did stall rest, hand walk, shock wave, took it slow and in a year we were at 20 min trot 5 min canter when horse re-injured and deemed unable to return to former level of work (novice eventer) so he's been a pasture pet and lite hack around the farm type.

So far vets are thinking that the lateral collateral ligament will be the main issue here.