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Getting sick? What kind of foodborne illness are you discussing? ECO157:H7? Drinking raw milk, being used to that and adapting your resident microbes, and from your own cow in good health and condition, I'd suppose. I have no problem with that.

But honestly fast food hamburgers, wayyyy less likely on the grand scale of things. Most foodborne illness is never reported, especially staph & salmonella and listeria is often near impossible to track because of the long incubation period and how it is often a general type illness, if any symptoms at all, in an immunocompetent population.

I don't think the PSA was meant for someone that grew up with raw milk, is well adapted, and immunocompetent. But when it's marketed as a miracle cure and safe for every person and every generation, that is what worries me. Food safety, HACCP, USDA regulations, etc aren't bulletproof because microbes are so incredibly versatile, but sometimes, it's easier to stack the deck in someone's favor than not, especially when they may not have that adapted immune system.
The PSA is just one more of so many facts out there we can use to manage our lives, each one of us according to our circumstances.

Good discussions ensue, every one can have their say, the readers can decide what to make of it all and hopefully know more about these topics now.

That is what forums as these are all about, I think.