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    Rats are SUPER smart, so you will probably need to bait but not set the traps for at least a few days to convince them that the traps are okay. Then bait and set all of your traps.

    And I would have a half dozen traps or more, not just the two. If you have more than one rat (and when do rodents ever come singly? ) you're going to need more traps. The goal is to catch ALL of them that night you finally set the baited traps, because if the rats see another rat getting trapped, they will become wary and you have to go back to feeding them off the traps for a few days again.

    Good luck!

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    How ironic the timing is here. SO just said he thinks he heard the snap trap in the drawer under the oven SNAP. I'm off to look, but I think he was dreaming. I'll let you know.

    ETA: Nope, no mouse
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    Caught one last night. Fortunately I had a non-squeamish person who came and disposed of it for me, so all I had to do was glance in the kitchen and note that the trap was sprung with something in it. I do not handle dead critters well (except I'm OK with dead horses showing no outward trauma, for whatever reason that is.)

    I SAW the thing brazenly run across the kitchen again last night and that was the end of my wits. Threw poison under dishwasher & oven, and then set the snap trap even though I didn't want to.

    I will flip my shit if I hear or see another one anytime soon.
    It's a uterus, not a clown car. - Sayyedati

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    Quote Originally Posted by SquishTheBunny View Post
    Cat not an option? They are often very good deterents for those nighttime visiters. They also clean up the mess, so you dont have to worry about dead mouse in a trap!
    Only if you have a cat that is useful...ours stood by on the sidelines as my cattle dog murdered two voles that were in our kitchen...Good dog! Lazy cat!
    "If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple payments..."

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    Feb. 1, 2012


    Wait...I know...get a cattle dog!
    "If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple payments..."

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    Jul. 31, 2007


    Your mind is closed to a cat?

    Meanwhile you are wiling to suffer these wig outs?
    The armchair saddler
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    Good luck. And cats are not always fail safe. Mine caught a mouse when I was living in a barn apartment when I was younger. Well, what did she do with it? She hopped on my bed in the middle of the night and dropped the live mouse on my chest. Ack!!! Talk about freaking out.
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    Our problem in south florida is lizards, and our cats happily chase, paw, and in some cases chew and eat them. It's gross to watch, usually we try to spare its life cuz they get in when my dad is lazy leaving the garage or screen doors open. Plus the cats usually throw up later, and since I'm designated cat care person I have to clean it up, so I prefer rescuing intact lizards than wiping up half-digested lizard parts.

    The only mice we get are the ones we feed to my brother's ball python, maybe you should get a snake!
    Of the heart-aching, hard-working, hope-having, horse-loving and horse-less variety. We are a sad species indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chall View Post
    Haha. I have a vintage 1930s magic chief stove, with it's own separate chimney.
    It has a vent in the back of one of the ovens as in an rectangular open vent.
    Heard a noise, opened the oven and saw 10 little paws and a face like a prisoners squinting through the only contact with the outside world.
    Bushy tail revealed Mr. squirrel went down the wrong chimney.
    Had to get the gas company out so we could remove the gas pipe to move the stove.
    Thankfully the kitchen window is next to the stove, so he exited tout suite.

    Regarding your mouse, get the rat zapper. 6 DD batteries will fry em faster than Leavenworth, pick up with gloves, tilt into the trash can. Run away and cry like a girlie

    Completely TAN, but you have a vintage Magic Chef stove Please post me some pictures. I love the heck out of those -they were so sculptural.

    He is total garbage! Quick! Hide him on my trailer (Petstorejunkie).

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