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    Default nathe bits vs happy mouth smooth mouth piece

    I am looking at a nathe bit for a soft mouthed horse. She liked the bumpy happy mouth (not legal on the flat), hates the rubber mullen mouth and really likes the kk ultra taped with latex (also, obviously, not legal). I have seen the happy mouth with the smooth straight bar mouth piece but felt like it would be too rigid for her and chose not to get it. Can someone help me compare the 2 nathe choices (std vs flexible) and advise on which she is most likely to like?

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    You might want to do a search of happy mouth bits on here....

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    Do you mean the 'shaped' happy mouth Mullen when you say 'bumpy'? Those are legal in eventing dressage at least.....

    My mare went well in a shaped mullen happy mouth, amd likes the regular nathe even better. I have not seen the 'more' flexible nathe; i was trying to get one but apparently the company is kaput so limited to whatever stock is already on hand. I'm ordering her a Beris snaffle which apparently has soft, regular and firm options.l...


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