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    Default trailer tires or light truck tires for 2 horse trailer?

    I have a 2013 Sundowner two horse trailer. I use it about twice a month for clinics/shows within a couple hundred miles round trip. My tires on the trailer are really worn. I think I may have been underinflating them due to conflicting info on the trailer.

    Anyway, I'm replacing the tires and I am trying to decide whether to put horse trailer tires on or light truck tires on it (which I've read can be better).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Default Trailer tires - here's why

    This article from the horse explains the pros and cons

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    horse trailer tires are rarely replaced due to wear since they sit so much and who pulls their trailer every day? However, it is important to put the correct tires on the trailer and they need stiff sidewalls. I'm pretty sure they need to be a D or higher. If you get light truck tires, you will most likely have blowouts.

    One thing when buying tires that is critical is the date of manufacturer. I often see people buying tires (cars, trucks, trailers) that were made a few years ago. That is NOT good. Trailer tires generally wear out due to dry rot - the sun rots them and all the time they are just sitting is not good for tires.

    I have a 2H GN with a small LQ and my tires are G. I've had the trailer since '06 and have had great luck (no blowouts, etc) The trailer is an '03 and I replaced the tires in '10 with the exact same tires since they held up so well. I also cover my tires and use the trailer regularly. It all makes a difference in how long they last and who wants a blowout when driving down the highway.

    Its vital to be safe and also keep everyone else on the road safe and not injured from your blown tires....

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    I'm always keeping my eyes open for used trailers, and I always cringe whenever I see "tires only have 1,000 miles on them!" or something similar. I know that wasn't the OP's question, but just to reinforce the point for anyone who might stumble upon this thread later, it's not the WEAR you have to worry about; it's the AGE. So, ditto what HJ said!
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    No DO NOT buy truck tires! Buy trailer tires and make sure they are rated for the correct weight. Next you need to learn the PSI so that you are putting the correct air pressure in them. This is found on the wall of the tire.

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    LT tires are fine for trailers in Load Range E and above. Almost all tire manufacturers have even stopped labeling tires as ST in E's and above. With D's and below, stick with trailer tires.

    Anywhere you see anything different, they don't know what they are talking about.

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