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    Quote Originally Posted by Velvet View Post
    Oh man,the comment on never writing anything less than the judge says reminds me of a recent scribing experience. I was filling in for someone and hadn't been writing as much freehand in recent years. This guy was one of the most repetitive guys (didn't matter who was riding he repeated his pet peeve on every movement) and wordy people I've had the misfortune of scribing for. To keep up with him, I tried doing short hand. That wasn't working well enough. I finally had to just not repeat the same LONG statement over and over again and instead write it on longer movements and just capture the other comments.

    This guy needed to go back to judge training! He was attempting to write a novella where every chapter was pretty much the same--and filled with run on sentences.

    If we were able to type the comments, I could have just done a cut and paste.
    It didn't happen to be "disharmiously" did it? After scribbling, yes scibbling not scrbing, that all morning the judge asked how I was doing. I said I was keeping up but that particular word was a trifle disconcerting. Then we talked about his thoughts on the German training system and the word schadenfreude came up ...

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    in the first 2 and first 3 leg yield patterns you are not changing direction (from before the leg yield to after the leg yield). So for me, no change in posting diagonal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbm View Post
    diagonal affects how a horse steps under, balance etc. so therefore IMO there is no right or wrong... only what works for a given horse/movement/etc.
    In dressage, this is 100% correct, which is why I am very surprised they would try to constitute some type of rule for this. I typically post on the "correct" diagonal, but there are times when posting on the "wrong" one is necessary, and therefore truly, there is no right or wrong diagonal.

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    In the leg yield with my horse, posting on the 'wrong' diagonal produces a much better movement. Especially when moving to the right - with flexion to the left.

    Also, when changing rein from right to left, I have a significantly smoother change if I stay on the 'wrong' diagonal longer - say to mid way on the short side after a diagonal. It mostly has to do with my own asymmetries, but a bit with my horse's. Ideally, this will change and won't be necessary in the future, but for right now, it is. If I could sit, I would, but without getting into it, it's not an option at this time.

    So at a show, do I switch my posting to get a better movement or do I post on the diagonal I 'should' be on and have my movement quality not as high as it could be?

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