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    Aug. 28, 2006


    She said the horse was getting shoes back on MONDAY. The mare has not been sore the entire 2 and a half months since her shoes were pulled.

    As far as a transition period goes, if the farrier takes a lot off the bottom when he trims to shoe and the horse isn't growing much hoof then yes, the horse may need more than a mere day or two to get over going without shoes. However, I am not saying that such a scenario applies to this mare, since she's already been without shoes for a while (and had casts on).

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    Jan. 27, 2006


    Shoes are back on, farrier took a good look over her and feels she's just foot sore and said she should feel better in a few days. I also left a message to check w/ the vet to see if she can still have Adequan or Legend to help with the stiffness. Hopefully this will fix her up. I'm also going to order some Durasole and give that a try. Thanks for all the imput.

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