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    Jun. 24, 2004
    South Park

    Talking For the bored horse!

    Just saw this while shopping for something else:

    Neigh Station
    3-in-1 activity center features components that are designed to keep horses entertained and happy including a shatterproof mirror, sliding latch with clicking sound, and a rope with detachable toy “Earl” rider. Mounting hardware included. 28” x 20” x 8.5”.
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    Mar. 21, 2011


    One of my horses might actually like this but I'm not willing to spend $90 to find out.

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    Nov. 14, 2007
    Southern California


    I think I need this. During the last four days my mare has: somehow grabbed a bag of shavings that was outside her corral, dragged it over the fence, tore it apart and spread shavings all over the corral; pulled her blanket up over her head, getting it stuck there; undone one of the two front straps of her blanket; dug a hole about 10 inches deep, which I then filled, and she then dug again; and grabbed a bag of hay that was WELL out of the way and behind a tree, pulled it into her corral and dumpled all the hay out, leaving the bag in a small crumpled heap. She has a jolly ball, but that I guess is not enough!

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    Apr. 27, 2008


    I seriously think my horse would love this. The need that prompted its invention is definitely a first world problem.

    Now, what would make this really appealing would be if it dispensed a single treat at very random intervals while the horse was playing with it.
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    Oct. 28, 2007


    My horse once responded to the intercom, someone called out to the groom and my guy neighed back. I'm thinking if you put those press-to-talk intercoms in with separate buttons for different stalls they'd spend the whole day on the "phone"

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    Jul. 3, 2012
    Twin Cities


    I can't get past that it looks like a parakeet toy.

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    May. 13, 2012


    I'd think that the mirror might be a little dangerous. I've been told that sometimes horses will strike out at the "mirror image"?

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    Apr. 15, 2010


    The baby* has one, and he loves it. His mom could care less. He pulls at the guy (the head is detachable on purpose) and flings it all around, he rubbed his nose all over the mirror, it's scratched up. He doesn't do a lot with the latch, or maybe I just didn't notice.

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