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    Exclamation New horse transportation rules:

    New horse transportation rules are coming to a highway near you:

    I wonder if a Coggins would be one identification paper they accept?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    New horse transportation rules are coming to a highway near you:

    I wonder if a Coggins would be one identification paper they accept?
    Based on my pre-coffee read, it seems like a Coggins with 3-view digital photos would be acceptable.
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    Language from the rule:

    Horse owners who are meeting
    vaccination and Coggins-test
    requirements would likely satisfy the
    requirements for official identification
    and documentation of equines under
    these regulations. Documentation
    completed in accordance with the
    equine infectious anemia (EIA)
    requirements in 9 CFR part 75 may be
    used in lieu of ICVIs. Identification
    previously used on EIA test reports may
    be accepted by the animal health official
    in the receiving State or Tribe.

    Looks like if you follow current state regs for interstate travel, ie. a Coggins test and a Health Cert showing ship from and ship to, then you are compliant with the Fed regs.

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    I'm a little confused. So this is an identifying document (or you can have chips or passports) It appears that you still need your Coggins papers and a health certificate per the state requirements regardless of if you also file a ICVI? I may have missed it, but I don't see a time period related to the validity of the ICVI? The purpose of the ICVI according to the article is to be able to trace travel after an outbreak so that leads me to believe you'd need to be filing that document each time you travel.

    I must be missing something. But I'd like to understand because I will be shipping my horse cross country again after this new law is in place.
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    I'm getting more confused every time I read about this. From this link, it looks as if a coggins test is good enough?

    Under the new rules, horses moved interstate must be accompanied by an ICVI or other document acceptable to the states involved. The person or entity responsible for moving the horse interstate must ensure it has an ICVI or other document.
    The new regulations give states the discretion to approve other methods of movement documentation, which may include an EIA test chart, when agreed upon by the animal health officials in the states involved in the interstate movement.
    Anybody else reading it that way?

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    Some states have pre-existing agreements that cover this issue. For example, in NC, I can send in my health cert, a photo, and $5 and get a 6 month passport to travel between any states in the agreement (NC, VA, SC, GA, and a few others). It's pretty easy.

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    Where do you send it in NC? Thank you for your help!

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