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    I also switched to Kalm N Easy this month from TC Senior. The feed store that sells Tribute is much closer than the Southern States that sells TC, and I usually switch to Essential K in the summer anyway. I was almost out of TC Senior and didn't feel like driving to get more, so I went with the Kalm N Easy. So far she is eating it well and I'm happy.
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    My new Ottb girls are loving Kalm Ultra with a cup of Right Choice 12(textured) mixed in...licking their feed tubs clean!!

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    My barn is in the process of switching from Purina (Strategy GX or Strategy Healthy Edge) to Tribute Kalm N EZ, Ultra, or Performer. So far the horses love it. I'm eager to see how my TBs do on the Ultra. They have not looked that great on the Strategy, and they aren't enthused about eating it either. I have fed the K Finish for a while and like that, too.
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    If the starch and sugars are NOT guaranteed on the product labeling then they are NOT guaranteed. The people at Tribute can assure you all they wish but if it isn't in writing then it isn't a guarantee. Also note that tribute runs horse AND cattle feeds through the one line so there is a chance of contamination. I will stick with triple crown. They have a dedicated horse line through Nutrena!

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