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    Default i need blanket advice-

    our new horse comes home tomorrow. he has to stay in the arena overnight as per bm. Since she cannot be there to watch the turnout until saturday, he has to stay alone in the outdoor arena. it is fine except no shelter. I have 2 blankets that will fit him. one is light and the other is medium. he has an average winter coat. he is 6 yrs old and just got over the snots- he passed a health cert today so is coming tomorrow. Would you use the medium blanket or the light?

    I am not big on blanketing but my other horse has a very wooly coat and access to the shelter.

    My only concern about the medium blanket- i don't want him to feel super cold when i remove it on saturday. i feel that the transition would be better if he has the lighter one on, and yet i don't know what to do.

    i know their hair stands up to keep them warm. so if you use a lighter blanket does the hair still stand or does it get squished down and make him just as cold? did that make any sense?

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    If he has a good winter coat he will be able to fluff it up under the light blanket. Heck, he'll be able to fluff it under the medium if he needs to, but the light one will give him portable wind and wet protection if that's all he needs for the night.

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    The lighter blanket will let him fluff up, plus if you think he'll need more heat generation (not sure where you're at or temperatures you're talking about) some extra hay is always good for extra heat production
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    thank you both!! he will have lots of good hay. i will get out the light blanket.

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