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    Feb. 21, 2010

    Default Size of an outdoor paddock/turnout for 2 young horses?

    My friend bought a new property and hopes to built an outdoor paddock for 2 young horses to live in during the summer warm months. She doesn't have a lot of land and was thinking of making 45 feet by 200 feet paddock to put both horses in.

    Do you think that size will work? Or is it too narrow for 2 young horses who play and buck? Will it be better to divide it and have individual paddocks rather than one large one?

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    Apr. 14, 2006


    IMO it would be too narrow. The colts will have 200 feet to get up to speed and then face a 45 foot "turn around". I think I'd go at least 60 wide or make the paddock more square. That's not a lot a space for young horses to exercise in.
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    Feb. 21, 2010


    Unfortunately, there is no land to make it wider. But narrow turn around is my concern as well.

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    Jan. 9, 2009
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    It's not ideal, but if that's what they have available, they'll get used to it. Horses run the fence with their neighbors and do sliding stops and rollbacks even when they have lots of room.

    I would just make sure to set the fence posts so that they are in the right place if she does decide to subdivide it later. (Figure out where the cross fences would go and reinforce those posts so they'll be ready if needed.)
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