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    Default which trailer has best living quarters features for possible full time living?

    this is just an option dh and i are discussing, becoming full time rvers for a few years.
    i'd leave my mare where she is for now but if i do decide to take her on the road with us, we'll need a decent size rig with slideouts etc.
    no need for a second bdrm or bunks, but more fridge room etc for full timing it.
    at this time we plan to spend summers in one spot and travel the rest of the country during the colder months.
    dh intends to haul his jeep in the rig if we don't have the horse with us, so it will be doing double duty.
    and we assume it will be a fifth wheel or gooseneck, i already have a one ton diesel dually with which to haul it.

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    Call and talk to Tom Scheve at EquiSpirit. He and his wife designed/built for many years with Trail-Et and then Hawk--so all their experience & penchant for safety, efficiency and comfort are brought to bare in the EquiSpirit trailer -- and it's built-in house, not outsourced. They KNOW their stuff!!!! He's a gentleman and a joy to speak with.
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    Personally I think you might want to consider getting a motor home with the size and features you like and then tow your horses in a bumper pull behind it, which would work well if you're only taking 1-2 horses. I've seen some fancy LQs but none that I would consider comparable to a "real" motor home as far as human comfort for an extended time. Especially since you will be using it without horses sometimes. Just a thought.
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    Calculate the towing capacity of your truck (GCVWR - actual curb weight of truck*) and then start shopping.

    It's likely you'll find that if you want real full time features and have the capacity to move a horse or two that you'll be shopping for a very large trailer and a much larger truck to pull it.

    Go to the Escepees Forum where you'll find a lot of present and former full timers. They have a deep well of knowledge about what it takes and the different levels of comfort and convenience that you must consider.

    There is also a vast amount of real expertise on selection of trucks to pull very large loads. Some towed RVs are mansions on wheels and you don't safely move them with light duty trucks (and all one ton trucks are "light duty" no matter what the badges they sport might say ).

    As to what brand as long as you stay away from Sundowner or some others with dicey reputations for quality then you've got a pretty wide field. If you go new then you can design your own LQ and have it built out just the way you want it.

    Be sure to read some of the "lifestyle" comments as well as the technical comments. There are a ton of full timers there but also a very large number who tried it and didn't like it. Frankly, it's not for everyone. I don't think I'd like it and from what I've read (and my own personal experiences) I'd never try it with a horse.

    Others may come to different conclusions. In this that old standby, the true Dynamic Duo of the yellow pad and pencil, is your friend. Write down your wants and desires, those of your spouse, and the needs of your horse(s). Make sure you write down the things you will NOT be able to do. Then figure out how to accommodate them. Then figure out how much that will cost. Then ask the question, "do I want to spend this much money for the full time lifestyle?" That will give you at least a start on your quest for answers.

    Good luck in your project.

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