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    Mar. 26, 2008

    Default 2 y.o. tuxedo kitty, an "ultimate barn cat" in desperate need of home (VA)

    Large young adult black and white tuxedo cat, approx. 2 years old. Very sweet with people (though shy at first) but is best suited as an "only cat" as he really does not play well with others. Great with the horses and does not seem to mind our dogs. He is very self sufficient, being content to hunt for his food (though he does enjoy sneaking into the tack room to snitch kibble daily). This guy was abandoned here at our farm by our renters last year, along with 9 other cats. I have an appointment to take him in for neuter and vaccines, so this will be taken care of by us. But he does need to move on to a home with no fellow felines. So this is pretty much his only chance. As an animal person, it bothers me to have to make this decision but it is one that has to be made in the best interest and safety of our family cats (all 7 of them). The rescues cannot take him (I've tried) and if he goes to the SPCA he will be euthenized, as the cat that they would initially see would be a wild eyed bohemoth that they would immediately deem unadoptable. At heart he's a big baby and loves to be loved on . . . just don't let another cat come onto his radar or he goes into killer ninja mode. Please get in touch if you could use a great rodent assasin in your barn that also has a great purr box when he gets to know you.

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    Default purrrfect!

    Where in Virginia is he located?

    I have been considering a barn cat, but many of the feral agencies I inquired with want you to take on a 'colony'. Since I am not a cat person (and don't want the stigma associated with a woman living alone with a herd of cats...), tuxedo kitty sounds like a perfect match!

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    Mar. 26, 2008


    Hi there,

    We are located in Phenix, VA, which is a bit south from Farmville and Lynchburg. I have the friendly trap in the barn tonight, so am hopeful that I will find a disgruntled tuxedo kitty in the morning (as opposed to the local skunk who also likes to wander through on occassion). Then the plan is to get to the vet on Friday for his "procedure" then he'll be good to go. Let me know if we are too far for you to come for a visit . . . we might be able to meet partway. My direct email is Thanks!!

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