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    Sep. 29, 2009


    OP I would not be feeding ANY extra flax. Equipride has it in there and it seems like it would be an overdose if you fed more.

    Also, Equipride is a complete supplement. No extra supplements need to be added.

    What other "supplements" are you feeding? You mentioned more supplements.

    I took my mare off all equipride for a couple weeks after reading about flax, and to see if she acted different without the flax in her diet. Nope she acted the same. So back on she went. She is the same. Whew. If I give her 2-3 pieces of stale white bread, she will be reactive (spooky for one thing) a few hours later. She is that reactive or rather I can tell she has changed.

    I saw chia seeds in the earth foods store. Those things are expensive! Wow. If I did a chia pet head it wold probably cost $10 or so. I didn't get any, but got some Zum soap. Goat soap. Oh it smells so good!

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    Mar. 25, 2010


    rmh - the supp's are msm, vit E for my tb with probable neck arthritis, joint meds for my tb, previcox for my old mare, and equitum (tums for horses) for the mare getting previcox.

    I did calculate how much O3 they are getting from the equipride and it is about 2 grams when most coat supps are more like 20 gr so I thought a little more flax wouldn't hurt, but on the other hand I dont want to spend money I don't need to either.

    newhorsemommy - the flax is not new, all horses have been on it forever. never heard that it could make a horse hot but you never know with horses

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    Aug. 5, 2005
    Central, FL


    I've been thinking about trying to go soy free. My mare has had a partial bag for a long time. She's been on TCS for about 2 years and Purina Senior before that. If I remember right her bag was bigger with the purina. She's 17 this year and she has only had one foal when she was 8yrs old. She's herd bound to the point if she's by herself she needs to be tied up (riding by herself she is fine).

    She gets :
    5lbs TCS
    MSM (for summer allergies and hock arthritis )
    about a half of a Schneiders 2lb scoop full of dry shredded beetpulp at gets soaked.
    orchard mix grass about 20-30lbs fed in a slow feeder net.

    I plan to add a magnesium supplement soon.

    I am planning on getting her back and shape and usually that's when she needs something extra. I've used oil, rice bran cool calories, and fat cat before. The fat cat seemed to help the most with keeping her weight up.

    If I wanted to go soy free where would I start?

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