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    Question getting fit, again, after a year off

    So i had surgery last June and then immediately got pregnant. Mr Arab was fit for a 25 mile ride before my surgery based on the fact that he could canter 8 miles and still have more in the tank to keep going. He was really starting to hit his groove.

    Needless to say I've not ridden him since June 10. I'm due in 2 months, with no complications at this time that would indicate a c-section but I know that doesn't necessarily mean an easy birth.

    There is a 25 mile ride about 2 hours from me on Sept 1. 2 hours is very close given where I live. I really want to make this ride. Is it possible let with just 3.5 to 4 months of getting him and me fit? Should I send him out for a month first so he has a head start? I can start walking earlier than I will be able to ride I would bet.

    I just want some kind of plan. Before I was riding him 3 to 4 times a week and I remember that with about a month of mostly walking and easy riding, we were to the point that he could trot the whole 5 mile loop without being too tired. He's naturally pretty sleepy when he's not in work but he seems to gain fitness pretty easily.

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    I think you are over-thinking. 25 miles is not a huge distance for horse or rider. You'll both likely do fine.

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    Go to the American Endurance Riding Conference (AERC) website and click on "new member information." In about the 6th paragraph down you'll see a link for a conditioning article provided by the Southeastern Endurance Riding Association (SERA). It answers the questions you have and it's based on a 3-month conditioning schedule. Added advantage: even though you're not in the southeast, you probably have the same lovely temperature and humidity levels in September! (At least we did when I lived in East Texas!)
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    It's just grass and water till it hits the ground.

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