So I have a herd full of easy keepers. The big mare has to wear a grazing muzzle during the summer usually, so does the mini jenny donkey, and looks like my two fillies, both yearlings, might be candidates eventually. I have approximately 20 acres fenced, with a 1 acre pond and maybe 4-5 acres of woods in it, and I have the 4 chubby girls and 1 hardkeeping gelding who belongs to a friend. I have a short term boarder who is also an easy keeper, though maybe not to the extent that my own mare is. I know generally the idea is to bush hog at least twice a year, spray for weeds, overseed, and put out fertilizer. However, with so many of these horses being easy keepers, might it be a better idea to maybe not fertilize and overseed every single year? Maybe skip a season sometimes? I really would prefer to avoid any laminitis or founder issues, but I don't want to accidentally screw up my pasture either by not doing something I'm supposed to. The one hard keeper can be supplemented with hay at meal time and/or alfalfa if he needs it. He's already on Ultium, beet pulp, and oil. I'm just thinking it may be more cost effective to alternate years of heavier pasture maintenance rather than go through the expense of multiple lame ponies.