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    Default How much would you pay for board?

    Facility located in upper Midwest, 15 minutes from a medium sized city.

    Barn and arena are unheated.

    Nine 12'x12' stalls with heated Nelson waterers and stall mats.

    All paddocks and pastures have heated Nelson waterers.

    80'x 140' indoor arena

    Heated tack room.

    Wash rack (which can not be used when it is below freezing).

    State trail runs next to farm, several other trails and parks within a short drive. Farm is on a gravel road.

    Horses are fed twice a day. Hay is fed generously.

    Barn owner lives on site and does evening checks. There is also a second barn and indoor arena on the property that houses a trainer and riding lesson program.

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    depends on cost of living for the area. if it was in MY area, i would suspect this would cost $350-$400 a month. Would i pay it? i guess so, if i liked the trails and my horse was healthy and happy.

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    Sounds like most of the barns in my area - Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Full care board runs $275-400; pasture board runs $150-250.
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    Really depends on the area, cost of land, cost of living, cost of hay, etc.

    Comparable barns to what you describe that I've boarded at near Lansing, MI ran around 275-375 and all three had outdoor arenas as well.
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    I live in the Midwest, and for that type of set up we'd expect to pay anywhere from $350-$400 for stall board. But it does depend on your exact location.
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    the "near a city" and the indoor will attract good clients, I think.

    I'm in a much more expensive part of the country, obviously... the barn is about a 50 minute drive from Boston when there isn't traffic (ha!). It has similar amenities (larger indoor, though) and has 20 stalls. I pay $750 for full care board, plus required $150 to go toward lessons, extra handling etc. so $900.
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    My barn is almost exactly the same, except it does not have Nelson waterers or trail access (though there are some trails behind the barn) and there are about 30 stalls instead of 9.

    We do have an outdoor arena in addition to the amenities you described.

    I pay $414 including tax, just outside Buffalo NY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tif_Ann View Post
    Sounds like most of the barns in my area - Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Full care board runs $275-400; pasture board runs $150-250.
    I have now managed to board at most of these barns (not the $450 Arab show barn--which is all heated and has flex-board fencing). My current barn is not fancy, but it is awesome, I am so happy, and it $275/mo plus tax. There is a large outdoor that is not fenced in, a smaller outdoor that is fenced and set up for trails class (bridge, etc.) and a small indoor--probably 135 x 70. My horse is on stall board and her barn (there is a cold barn as well) is heated to 38-40 degrees. Her stall is cleaned daily and bedded nicely (this has been an issue for me elsewhere before). Board includes hay 2x a day and oats, I add a ration balancer and smartpaks which are fed at no extra charge. So in a way it is about $325/mo with just my grain added on. Additionally, for the last month the stalled mares (horses are pastured by sex) have a round bale in the large turnout pasture. The other horses may too, I just haven't bothered to look. Wash stall is turned off for the winter. There are 100 acres to ride around in the summer, but no state trails, etc. I can park my trailer there for free (I have it at home right now).

    The one negative is high tinsile electric fencing (which is very normal for this area, but worries me).

    No Nelsons in the stall, but they do clean the buckets. I like knowing how much my horse is drinking too.

    Best of all the BO is knowledgeable and attentive. Also allows in outside dressage clinicians (WP barn) but doesn't want outside trainers regularly, as that is her business. I have no problem with that.

    If I didn't live 30 minutes south of the "city" (barn is 20 minutes east) I would stay boarding there in a heartbeat, but the drive is tough for me and I am bringing my horse home once I get set up next year.
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    My barn is 25 minutes from Minneapolis. No trails, but a cross county course with a heat indoor and several outdoor rings. Stall board is $650.

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    down south


    Around here full board would run from 500 to 1000 a month for what you described, depending on the trainer there. Pasture board which still gets grain and hay would be between 200 and 300
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    In southern Maine: 12x12 stalls (19), 80x200 indoor (although one end gets commandeered for round bale storage, 80x180 outdoor (not lit), all day turnout, outside wash rack, heated Nelson waterers in all outside turnout, 40 acre hayfield, access to trails, at the end of a deadend road. $500, which is the going rate around here.

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    More like Mideast area, would be 400-475 but lots of lower priced barns without indoors keeps price down.
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    Oh my, I wish I could pay that little, but I don't live in the midwest - but in the San Francisco Bay area. I board at an older, rather rustic barn in Contra Costa County (East Bay). 15 minutes or so from where I live. Good trail access. Covered, but not enclosed arena. Outdoor that is not usable after heavy rain for quite a while. Not an issue late spring through fall, but winter - bye-bye outdoor. Stall with paddock. Limited turnout, but it's there. Base board $525 with two hay feeds. One extra hay feed per day per month $30. $10 to park trailer. They worm (rotational) every 8 weeks, usually an extra $10-12 for that month. Fancier barns in the are are $650 up (and up and up and up!!). Ones even less "fancy" than where I am (i.e., no covered arena) are $500 and under.

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