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    Question Double vented vs single vented coats?

    Stupid fashion question.

    I'm looking at an RJ Classics coat that's a sort of crossover coat. It's black, four buttons on the front, but the back is double vented (with two buttons above the vent, go figure).

    I've always been told that double vented coats are good for shorter people (which I am not) with small bums (which I don't have). However, this coat is as long as my current single-vented Equine Athletics coat, so I'm wondering if it'll cover enough of my butt/thighs so the aforementioned large bum won't be too obvious.

    Any thoughts?
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    I've never heard anything about double vented being for short people (I am) with small bums (I am not). My free Pikuer is a long (seriously altered for me), and is double vented.

    Personally, I prefer double vented as I think they lay nicer in the saddle than single vent.

    Part of me also wants to say single vent is "male"....but I don't think that's right, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowbritches View Post

    Personally, I prefer double vented as I think they lay nicer in the saddle than single vent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowbritches View Post
    Part of me also wants to say single vent is "male"....but I don't think that's right, either.
    It's not. Men's suit coats and military uniform blouses are tailored both ways. The country of origin seems to be more of the driver as most American coats are single vented and most English ones are double vented. But there are no absolutes.

    I do prefer double vented jackets myself.

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    Single vents are correct for any type of foxhunting, at least they used to be, and for what were called "hacking jackets" back in the old days. I grew up in the 1960s when all jackets had single vents. Double vents became the new fashion, and while I prefer them for myself, sometimes a single vent is more attractive on someone with a large behind, I think it really depends on your body type.

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    Used to be (through the 60s and early 70s) that ALL riding jackets were single vented, and longish.

    Then show hunter jackets got shorter and double vented, while REAL hunters, along with dresage, jackets stayed longer and single vented.

    Then some clothing manufacturer got the idea that they could market a separate "dressage jacket". (Your comment about "buttons above the vent" makes me suspect this is a "dressage jacket".)

    Things used to be pretty rigid, you would NEVER see single vented in the hunter ring, and NEVER see double vented in the hunt field.

    But things are more flexible now.

    Personally, I think a short, double vented jacket accentuates a big bum in a way that a single vented, slightly longer, jacket doesn't.

    I never have any problems with sitting on a longer, single vented jacket, but some people do.

    Given the option, I would prefer a single vented jacket, but in fact, all of mine are double vented.

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    Decades ago most jackets were single vented, I believe mostly because tailors knew what flattered a lady's figure. Curved back seams and a single vent give a nice line and do not accentuate the, er,rear end. straight seams and a double vent do give that boxy look.

    That being said, I do prefer curved back seams and a lower double vent, it's what works for my body type. Use current fashion and tradition as a guide but in the end go with what works for your body type.

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    I grew up wearing double-vented coats in the hunters and equitation. Everyone did. I am 5'7". I love them, and prefer them to single-vents still.

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