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    Default Getting into Riding Shape

    I just recently put my horse into training and its time to start taking things seriously again and stop just dinkering around and not accomplishing anything. My muscles remember but are seriously weak. Besides no stirrup work and two point etc, what are some good things to do?

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    Not sure if this is what you're asking, but I actually train outside of the saddle, as well as in. I've found it really helps my riding to do other types of exercise. Myself - I do a combination of weight machines at the gym, running, and an occassional yoga class. Weight machines are great for strength. Running is great for endurance. Yoga is great for flexibility (and also helps in the strength department if you find the right instructor).

    I'm more-or-less in your shoes right now (trying to come back to serious riding after a long hiatus of just puttering), so I know how you feel! Best of luck - get strong and kick some hiney in the ring, girl!

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    Pilates. Lots of core work.

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