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    Aug. 18, 2011
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    These work great for me.
    They have 2 sizes the XXL will hold a heavy blanket and a sheet. The XL will hold a sheet or 2 coolers. They are great as tehy have handles to help carry up adn down attic stairs. I really like them as I bring balnkets home after season is over wash them and pack away in the attic. We must not have mice as I have had no issues!

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    Jan. 18, 2010


    An absolute MUST for me is rodent proof storage. Mice, rats, squirrels are attracted to my stored blankets like magnets.

    Just recently, mice got into what I thought was mouse proof storage bin, chewed up a quarter sheet and a cooler. And one polo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by see u at x View Post
    I couldn't note this on the survey, but the amount that I would spend on such an item would kind of depend on how it looks, is built, amount of space it takes, up, etc. If it's super nice, I'd be happy to spend more on it (in the $40-50 range) if I had extra cash lying around.
    Me too.
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    I use those Spacebag things also

    I like that I can suck the air out and they get quite flat so I can stack several.

    I can get two heavies in one of the big ones.

    The think I don't like is that they are kind of flimsy and tear if I'm not careful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SMF11 View Post
    I have 11 horses here, with mostly absentee owners. Each horse has at least 2 blankets/sheets but most have more. I am drowning in blankets! I would kill for something that would keep the blankets mold/fungus etc free, and I DEFINITELY would want something that stored more than one blanket (4 sounds good). Let us know if you go ahead with your project. And if it would be considered advertising, please PM me -- I really, really, really want this product!
    In the meantime, try my solution: Plastic garbage cans with wheels and locking lids. You can fit one trousseau of blankets in each and label it with the horse's name. I have never had anything invade my clean garbage cans. But blankets only go in there when they are clean (washed) and dry.
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    Usually once winter's over, I wash all the blankets. Then I fold & store them in my house. If I still have the original blanket bag, they go in there. But otherwise, they just sit in my closet at home & stay fine that way.
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    I wash all my blankets at the end of the year, fix any rips, fold and store them in the loft in our newly built shed. Works perfectly. With 14 horses here having a minimum of two blankets apiece, with most having 3 or 4, that's a LOT of bags to put blankets in!!!

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    Mar. 25, 2010


    I third the rodent-proof comments. That's why I use rubbermaid tubs- mice chew through plastic bags. I just lost an almost-new cooler to mice.

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    Oct. 26, 2005


    If I owned my own barn, or boarded at a place with unlimited storage, I would be more interested in a locker-type system that my cleaned blankets could be stored in, without any bags, for the entire off-season. Though... I would actually probably also be interested in a short-term storage for "in use" blankets that could kill bacteria, etc, with lights or something similar- like, I could pop my dirty sheets in there when it gets colder (or my heavies when we finally move into spring) and they have moved on to other blankets, to kind of "sterilize it" throughout the blanket season until I send my giant batch of all 7 of my blankets to the cleaner's around April/June.

    Come to think of it, if I had a garage or something like that, I would even consider having some kind of permanent (lockable) storage unit to keep in my garage or on the porch or something like that for blankets.

    But since I board, and have the luxury of having two tack boxes (two horses), I use one box totally for blanket storage. And they get cleaned at the end of each season, and some moth balls live in the box just in case that helps anything (don't know if it actually does). Now, if you could give me an insert to go in my box to "absorb" the bacteria that I could toss in (bonus if it doesn't smell like moth balls, ungh), or mount to the inside of the box, that would help keep blankets free of gross things, that is a product I would be interested in! How much I paid for it depends on the life of it- will it work on dry but dirty blankets still in the rotation as well as my returned-from-the-cleaners blankets in the off season? And, will it last forever? 5 years? One year? One season?

    With my current scenario, I would still consider blanket storage bags that would achieve similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvp View Post
    In the meantime, try my solution: Plastic garbage cans with wheels and locking lids. You can fit one trousseau of blankets in each and label it with the horse's name. I have never had anything invade my clean garbage cans. But blankets only go in there when they are clean (washed) and dry.
    Ooh, I like this set up! Thanks for the idea.

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