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    Oct. 31, 2011

    Default Base Narrow or Close Behind Conformation Fault in Two Yr Old

    You're looking at a two year old quarter horse who is base narrow in the hind end, pretty much exactly like figure e) here:

    Any chance this will correct itself even a bit with age? Horse would be used for speed events and cattle sorting - not national level but hoping to do very well in club shows and obviously I want the horse to stay sound. Horse is affordable and excellent shape otherwise, very well bred with proven lines.. Avoid or go for it? No experience personally with this default and my initial instinct is to avoid but hey, I don't know everything.

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    Jan. 4, 2007


    Well, if he is straight, just narrow and the parents were thicker horses, the chances are he will, as most, mature wider.
    If there is some deviation there, or instability, then it is more questionable if he may interfere with himself all along and that may cause problems.

    Generally, most two year olds tend to be weedy and awkward, comes with the territory.
    Those that already are filled up may end up too thick and musclebound.

    Many very good performance quarter horses tend to be wider behind and narrower in front once mature.
    If they are too wide in front, they tend not to be as athletic.

    Behind, well, you need the power of a wider behind, but can get by with a lesser one to a point.

    Can't say without a picture and even then, in a coming two, that would just be a guess, especially without knowing the pedigree.

    If he is still a stallion, that may keep him narrower also, puberty will fill in the front more as a secondary sexual characteristic.

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    Oct. 31, 2011


    Sorry, should've said - horse is a mare. 26 months old, so just barely two. Have seen go and NO inference.. Goes great. Is already under saddle (no comment, come from a dressage background and recent convert to western) - seems to only stand very narrow in cross ties. Re-watched the video I took of her and at no point (when she's still) do her hocks seem anything but perfect. Only stands close behind in crossties and to be honest I can't recall how she stood before she worked - could be she was just tired and standing funny. Tried to take a photo but she's skittish about being handled (pulled out of feedlot and broke recently, good girl, not a problem - more concerned about her build). Figured it may be attributed to her simply being so young. Am I just being paranoid?

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    Feb. 16, 2005
    Central California Mountains


    My QH mare when she was two (she's 4 now) was a little scrawny skinny and narrow filly. You would not think she was QH with how she looked, LOL. She has filled out, widen out and is not done growing yet - she does not resemble her 2 yo self. She was started at 18 months from what I was told (YIKES!) but that was way before I was in the picture. Anyway, my guess based on my filly - yours will go up and out just fine.

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    Sep. 26, 2008


    when I first got my gelding he interfered in the back and needed wraps but he moved straight just close, as he got more muscled and developed more muscle on the inside of his gaskins it was enough to push his hocks and lower leg out to where he did not interfere or need wraps anymore

    so if the rest of the leg looks good and she is overall just kinda scrawny and under muscled you may have a chance

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