LOL- Babies.... They can be so silly, and sometimes so perfect you can easily forget they are babies.

And they try so hard sometimes and others can be so pig headed lol.

Last night was the first time I lost my patients with Z. Its like i babied him for so long because for so long he was SOOOO over reactive of EVERYTHING. everything was going to kill him, to much leg, to much bit, to much movement, you point at something and him seeing your arm move above him would be him jumping 6 feet in the other direction. Never mean, just very fearful.

It used to be when you got on him, you had to put him immediately to work or he would start thinking of his own things to do, and they usually wernt good. lol

NOW, its almost like hes gotten so compliant and doesn't react to anything, which yes is a HUGE achievement but at the same time its like he has not had to deal with anything, or any real consequences of misbehaving because it was all baby steps and you couldn't do much with out this huge over reaction of fear- it was all positive reinforcement, well there is absolutely NO fear left and hes taking advantage of it almost.

Now i know everything is different then how you try to type it for other to understand, so that may not be exactly how i am trying to come across lol.. but im trying.

Still think a nice bit would do him good, something he like and have narrowed it the the Stubben baucher or the KK with the roller on the lozenge- IF i can maybe find it used to make sure he likes it.

Yes hes green in many ways, but he also should know better at this stage, but its never really be made difficult for him and it needs to be lol. Im putting my foot down. ( totally thinking out load right now- and the theory sounds good)

... spoiled brat...