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    Jun. 19, 2012
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    Default Does anyone have experience with Lorenzini Titanium Bits?

    Without going into my own details, I am just wondering if anyone has experience with these bits, Pros? Cons? What kind of horse do they work for? Don't work for? While I am looking for any and all thoughts and opinions, I am ultimately searching for a Weymouth/bradoon combo. Thanks, CharB

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    Oct. 6, 2002
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    Other than seeing them at trade shows (and nearly fainting over the price) I have never seen them anywhere. I am curious too!
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    Oct. 14, 2005


    Off topic, but they sight says that lambskin in a natural semiconductor. I think my engineering professors have missed something

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    Mar. 6, 2002


    I seem to recall someone talking about them here a while back, although it may have been on the H/J forum... all I remember is that whoever it was thought these bits were the second coming. No personal experience myself.
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    Oct. 27, 2011


    How funny! I was just today sorting out old catalogs and magazines and saw these bits and wondered about them, and thought about starting a thread. I would also like to hear actual experiences....I did see they are significantly less $$ at the the The info sounds so woo-woo though: the material forms a "fence against the earths magnetic fields, which can be responsible for anomalous behaviour both in human beings and even more in animals"....?!?

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    Jun. 3, 2007
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    My trainer is the one featured in the Dressage Extensions catalog for these bits and they've done wonders for her horse. We also use them on a couple of others in the barn that tended to lean hard onto the bit and they've become much lighter.

    We did have one horse who didn't seem to like them and curled behind the bit rather than accepting the contact, so I'd definitely see if you could try them before buying. I know Dressage Extensions has a bit rental program, but I'm not sure if these bits are included.

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    I ride in the Lorenzini titanium (loose ring jointed snaffle). Of course, it's always a personal preference, but I LOVE the lightness of the bit and the reaction of my horse.

    As SBrentnall suggested above, it's great to try them out first, and Dressage Extensions does have the bits, but not a rental program as far as I know at this point.

    The good news is our website, just recently began a rental for the titanium bits! I'm happy to answer absolutely any questions about them, and I hope you'll take the time to try them!

    A friend mentioned to me there was a discussion going on here in the forums, so I thought I'd chime in

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    Aug. 25, 2008


    Dragging old thread up. I'm wondering if anyone has tried the weymouth bits? Any other feedback on the snaffles?

    Any comparison to Herm Sprenger Novo contact bits?

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