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    Good luck with your donkey! I loved my little guy. It is easier to work with them once they are separated from their pals. Otherwise they tune you out in favor of the herd. Just working in a quiet place, with a quiet, sensible manner went a long ways towards settling my guy down. Stopped kicking once the fear left. A small help was to gently and slowly massage the tip of one of his ears with my thumb and first two fingers.
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    An update: Still no contact yet, but she's started eating a handful of feed in a pan at meal time. She'll come within about 2-3 feet of me, then I set the pan down for her.

    Yesterday we had some bad storms blow through in the early morning hours. I walked the fenceline to check for damage and she followed about 6 feet behind me the entire time, sans horses.

    I don't think it will be long now until she's begging for scratches!
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    Great news ! Your patience will start paying off very soon ! Please update often. I look every day for a progress report.
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