A couple years ago, CookiePony and FlyPony_74 headed a COTH rescue operation and pulled a starving app mare off Craigslist.

She was rehabbed, rehomed and bounced around some until she landed at my farm. Sugar has been happily living with two of my older clients as a trail horse and was very good at it.

She is an aged mare and was diagnosed this winter with some pretty bad arthritis in her stifle and can only be ridden lightly, by small people, right now. She's been happily toting the owners grandchildren around when they come out a couple times a year, but situations change and they are now looking to see if they can find Sugar a situation where she can have more attention. She is around 15 hands and easy-peasy in the barn, though she can occasionally be hard to catch, she has excellent manners in every other way. While she is not in any danger, we would love to see if the right home is out there.