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    Default Tiny Little Update

    Figured I would post a tiny little update.

    Poco is going back up to mom's house next week. Mom is super excited about it, she said she has her baby back to spoil. And spoiled Poco will be. Mom loves giving her melons to munch on.

    Corona is doing well, I saddled her up for the first time today in the round pen. She took off bucking before I even finished cinching her up. I was doing it easy and gradual, but she stepped on my foot and when I jerked it out her foot slid and she went and freaked out, It was tight enough at that point it would not roll or slide just not secured. Got her stopped and finished cinching her, then sent her out to longe, she was doing well then started acting like she wanted to start bucking again (she started hunching up) so I drove her out of it.

    Went around a bit, switched directions, walk, trot, and lope. And she did well. I went and got my lines out, then played some more, flopping the stirrups, unchinching and recinching the saddle. Asked her to yield her head both ways, then started flopping the ropes around her legs (Refresher here, not the first time). Once I determined she was fine with that I hooked her up and started her on ground driving. She did well, we went both directions, walked and trotted easily, stopped and backed several times and she took it all fairly relaxed. Asked her to flex her head to me a few times as well.

    Then I went and switched saddles to one I was considering buying, wanted to see the fit on her. Its a little wide at the moment but once she matures and builds up muscle it should fit her fine. And I did sit on her as well. Did not ask her to move out, just cheeked her, got on, asked her to flex her head both ways and got off. She has been sat on before so I was not worried about her worrying over it.

    Each session was a fairly short session with a break to sit and relax. About 5 minutes each, except for the ground driving which was about 10 minutes.

    Trainer Dude likes her, and of course I have homework! Home work is easy. Ground driving. Going to ground drive her at least a month as much as I can. He said once we get her going solid in walk, trot, lope on the lines we will start riding.

    I'm going to drive her a few more times in the round pen and make sure she has it down, then we are headed out and exploring the property!

    Oh, and she likes Mt. Dew.
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    sounds like you and Corona are off to a good start! How old is she? How long have you had her? (sorry if I've missed this in another thread, I'm pretty new to the forum)

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