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    Sep. 21, 2009

    Default The dreaded saddle fit questions - jump saddle that fits like Passier GG for OTTB

    Well, I had a saddle fitter out, and I need a new jumping saddle! My OTTB mare has the high withers but well-sprung ribs and short back shape. There was an M. Toulouse that fit, but not sure of the model - it was another boarder's and said Platinum but there are lots of Platinum-types apparently? There was a Prestige Red Fox that was almost right, but a little heavy behind. And an older AP-looking Crosby that fit - no idea of the model on that one.

    In dressage, her Passier GG fit. So, decided to come to the Eventing thread to ask what jumping saddle fits like a Passier GG on a TB with the aforementioned back shape? I've researched threads and some folks say there are saddles that work, but just a few brands mentioned. I've taken note of those (Stubben, old Albion, some Collegiate models), but wanted to ask about brands/models to search more specifically. I don't do eventing, but dressage mainly and jump for fun and do some lower-level CT and h/j shows. So, not a tack snob (hunter princess), but want more close-contact (showjumping) type saddle than the cross country saddles.

    Thanks for any advice!!!

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    I'll give it a try. According to the Passier website, the GG is built on a PS tree (like many of their other dressage saddles) which would translate over to a PS tree in many of their jumping saddles. You would generally go down a size or two from your GG, eg, if your GG is a 17.5" you'd likely find a 17" jumping, maybe a 16.5".
    Some Passier jumping saddles which might fit the bill are the PSL, the Comet FS, the Optimum and the Arktur.
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    I have the Passier GG dressage saddle and The Passier Comet FS for jumping. They have the same tree.

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    Jun. 30, 2009


    Passier Jump collection
    - Bahr still carries most models & would be worth a call to speak with their saddle fit specialists

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    Jul. 25, 2012


    Sent you a pm

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    A photo of the horse in question would be a big help in making good recommendations. But based solely on your description, the Passier Precision (which I believe is out of production) and the PSL always tended to fit the same conformation as the GG. You could also look into an Albion K2 or Kontrol, a Loxley/Bliss jump, or a Black Country Wexford or Ricochet.

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    I am having this exact same problem.
    I also have a Passier GG that fits my high-withered, super short-backed TB cross. I can't believe you've found a Collegiate to fit - I would never have guessed that. I have tried like 100 saddles on this horse and 2 have fit. One was a Black Country and the other is a County.
    Basically the only thing that will fit is a saddle that is BUILT like a dressage saddle but with a forward flap - it has to sit upright like a dressage tree on the horse's back or it will sit right on my horse's wither.

    Passier jump saddles are an excellent idea - I'm going to look into one of those now, too. Makes sense since the passier dressage fits and the jump saddles look like dressage saddles with jump flaps.

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    I had a horse that had the highest withers and very well sprung through the rib cage. Much to my surprise my jump saddle from a previous horse fit very with a correction pad.. It is a L'Apogee LXI... check them out or pm me for more details... good luck
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