I've been out of my mind thinking about them lately, I raised them both and one has been off the map for about 2 years, one dropped off about a year ago. My AQHA membership has expired so I can't do an ownership lookup.

Horse 1) Reg. name "Zips Blue Leo" barn name Leo or Blue. DOB May 15 (maybe 16) 2006. When I sold him he was still a stallion, I don't doubt he's now a gelding. Small, maybe 15h, blue roan with a star and one rear white foot. Somewhat awkward mover, had Wobbler's Syndrome as a youngster. He was always so sweet and gentle, absolutely unflappable, and I really just want to find out where he is, if he's okay.

Horse 2) Reg. name "Poco Hollywood Twist" barn name Gallo. I don't remember when he was born, I think maybe March 2008 IIRC. Bay with no white, very flat forehead and a delicate muzzle. He was very small and dainty, but kept having big growth spurts, was approx 14.2 when sold, I was told he got a good bit bigger. Also a stallion when he was sold, he was gelded shortly after but I don't know anything past that. He was pretty skittish but may have grown out of it.

They were both sold and located in Western Kentucky near the Lamasco area last time I heard anything. If anyone can find any information, especially about the first horse, I would appreciate it beyond belief.