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    Default gag bridles from Libertville--Help

    So fellow cothers I need some help. Most of us that have been riding a while at our barn use the small bridoon bit with the leather headstall, reins and bit all attached (all one "bridle" ) in conjunction with our regular snaffle when training . They came from Libertville Tack. But I guess they are out of business. Well one of our gang had her horse step on the reins (long story) and broke the gag piece. It is the rolled leather part that the bit can slide on. Does anyone know where we can find a replacement??--The repair guy says it will cost a pretty penny to fix--but replacing them may be a problem. Anyone know where they might be found now. (Libertyville was actually a saddle seat tack company)

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    Default Gag Rounds

    You can find the leather gag rounds at most tack stores but I do know that the Tack Box in Middleburg does have them. You can call them or check the website. 800-571-1992 or The leather ones aren't inexpensive and there are nylon ones also.

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    You could try the other saddleseat tack shops: Fennell's in Lexington, World Champion, National Bridle Shop, Show Horse Tack, Terry Bennett's or P&S. They all have websites. Fennell's is probably you best bet.

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    Default liquidated all the stuff from the Libertyville Saddle Shop and still has a sale page for them on their website.
    I didn't see any gag cheek pieces in the inventory there, but there are some Weymouth saddle seat bridles.
    They also have replacement nylon/leather gag cheek pieces. but you might want to look around; these seem a bit expensive.
    Also a leather gag hanger:
    Good luck!

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