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    Question Need help with water in new Indoor Arena!

    Alright guys, here is a question that I have never seen on here. There are so many people on here that are always ready with good advice and I need some to help my BO.
    We just had a beautiful ClearSpan arena put in and before they were able to get the sides blocked we had a horrible rain and it flooded the arena. Now it's frozen and you could ice skate in there! The BO drug the arena before it froze to spread the water but there are still several puddles.
    Any suggestion on what to use or what to do to increase the drying in there? The arena is 120 by 84 feet and has a roll up door at either end.
    Any ideas?

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    In the cause of not ruining your footing base, I would say stay off it til it dries. Using salts such as Mag Chlor, will help thaw it, but it would still be too wet to ride on.
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    Sounds like my neighbor's indoor ice skating rink, erm, barn. He had to wait till the summertime.

    I know that there are hydrophilic chemicals out there that can tie up the water - like the liners in baby diapers and the ingredient in clumping cat litter - just that for the size of a decent arena you'd go broke applying it and getting a "rid o rock" to pick up the clumps, if it could even do it, I can't see it being affordable at all. I'm so sorry, it must be hugely frustrating.

    ETA you could use multiple high powered fans and heaters to increase the evaporative rate - also going to cost a mint.
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    Leave it alone. The more you drive on it, the more the vibration of your equipment will raise up the water. Sorry about that.

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    I second leaving it alone. Patience will be a LOT less expensive in the long run, and the footing will be just like it was at its best. There's just too many possibilities to screw something up otherwise. Hopefully, they can get it closed up before long.

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    When it does dry and you want to never have to worry about it freezing again, I suggest It is used at the barn I ride at and they never need to water their indoor arena. In addition, it never gets dusty either. I don't know if the oil like application prevents freezing it self or if the fact that you don't have to water is what keeps the footing from freezing but I can say that after many years of riding on it, it's held up very well and neither water or dust or freezing are issues to worry about.

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