I have a drooler as well – She loves to cuddle, and knead and drool (and rub her gums on you). She was weaned super early (trapped feral) and I always assumed the drooling was related to kneading / nursing type behavior.

Anyway, while I LOVE my cuddly kitty (seriously have to make time for daily cuddles otherwise she follows me around yowling) – but I could do without big drool puddles on my clothes or hair (swear, she would build it up in her mouth – then press it on me – giving me a drool bath). So, when I see her getting worked up – I give the corner of her mouth a gentle poke – this makes her open her mouth and swallow. As time passed, I really do not need to “poke” her any more – she swallows on her own now, rather than trying to cover me in drool! (although I do have to keep her out of my hair)

FYI, this cat is 6 years old, and has always been a drooler – will drool with hubby as well (and run and hides if anyone else dare enter the house! – super relaxed with us, scared of all other humans).