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    Looking up

    Wink Spin-off: Handy Guide to Your Future, Under 25's

    Oh yes, let there be no mistake - Coach O'Connor is serious about developing winning team members. Just to prove that the COTH event board is actually useful, here's a snowy Saturday afternoon's 60-minute primer on Coach O'Connor. And trust me, I scratched the surface. There's a lot more available, although the website is seriously out of date, unfortunately. I only hit the Google button once and the Bing button once, and look at all the stuff I came up with. Credit should be given to Horse Junkies United and Ecogold, because by virtue of Coach O'Connor's time as the Canadian team leader, they have lots of good video of training sessions most of which are online under those YouTube accounts. This is a gold mine of good stuff.

    Canadian eventing symposium, this is recent, presented by Horse Junkies United, nearly 15 minutes in length. -

    O'Connor event camp, looks like at VAHC - 2009. Useful for exercises- jumping. (A privately made and posted video.)

    David O'Connor - riders4helmets video - interview

    Canadian team training session - 2011 - Ecogold

    3days3way blog video interview - his thoughts on eventing -

    Riding demonstration from 2009 - again, Ecogold -- training session - explanation of what he is trying to accomplish with a grey horse.

    Natural horsemanship techniques - from Event camp

    (Hanky alert, I can't watch this without tearing up.)
    Gold medal stadium round at Sydney

    Quite valuable, I watched both twice and plan to go back and re-listen to these regularly, very valuable.
    Foundation for his program, interview with student Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch (2 part)

    At the international eventing forum (2 videos)

    From a search at the USEA - an episode of the Eventing Radio show, from a talk at the MSEDA meeting


    His official Hall of Fame bio at the usea (there is audio and video by Jim Wolf who did the induction but program did not load for me, I think it's quicktime video)

    Training the horse - video at Equisearch by David O'Connor (clip from DVD produced for Team OConnor by Practical Horsemen) -

    Here's a gem: oh do you think you should read up on what he has asked of riders in previous clinics? yes, you should.

    Advice on handling horses that bolt, and nerves - both adapted from the book, Life in the Galloping Lane

    a clinic report The end of Custom Made's career at Fair Hill.

    And you can order Life in the Galloping Lane here:

    That ought to keep everyone busy for a while!
    He keeps throwing me back.

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    retread, I am copying this and printing it out, just in case I forget about it. Thank you.
    "Action is the real measure of intelligence." (N.Hill)
    Well, perhaps not, but it sounds good.

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    Thank you so much retread, you've just provided me with at least a weekend of material!!

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    I am stuck inside sick today so this is perfect! Thank you!!!!

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