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    Default Fleas & flea stuff

    Dogs have started scratching recently. The pattern of scratching makes me think of fleas, though I have not found flea dirt. Nothing has changed in food and environment and it has been single digits in temperature outside.

    They do have seasonal allergies and, I think are flea-sensitive. Now during the warmer seasons they are on Advantix II. They have not had a dose since December as I do like to have a break from the chemicals.

    I could get more and put that on them, but I was wondering if any of the much cheaper OTC spot-ons work well for fleas when ticks arent a big issue?

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    I am very leary of trying new products , if the current one works I would not use anything else. I have seen bad reactions to otc flea meds. Sorry but thats just me and I fear change.

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    The cheaper ones do not work and some of them I have seen produce *really bad* results.

    If you're not seeing fleas or flea dirt (look at the belly especially, as there is less hair and they're often easier to see there), I'd guess its dry skin. My skin is all kinds of dry in this weather and I see a lot of dogs come through my salon with dry skin this time of year with owners thinking the dogs have fleas.

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