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    Exclamation Breeding & Ulcers

    I took my (dressage) mare to the hospital yesterday to get scoped for ulcers. She was really sick this summer so the vet recommended we scoped again 6 months later to see if they were back.

    Well, she is relatively asymptomatic but apparently couldn't be worse! Level 4 with several hemorrhagic ulcers.

    We are changing her diet (yet again) and started treating with omeprazole, but the vet also mentioned the best thing for her would probably be a year off to completely heal.

    So I was thinking if I were to do this, I might as well just breed her and get a foal from her in the end. We were planning on doing ET anyway, at least this way I would save some money.

    I would obviously only breed her after another scope to see how she was.

    Is it advisable to breed an ulcer prone horse? How would it affect her fertility and quality of life? Could ulcers in the mom affect the foal, if she were to develop them while pregnant or with foal at foot?

    Also, she has always been a very hard keeper (vet suspects she always has some degree of ulceration in the stomach, so it could be from it). How would this affect her management?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I had non-ulcer prone mare develop ulcers in late term pregnancy. The vet felt it was the way the foal pushed on the stomache. We treated and she bounced back quick. I don't know if your mare would be more prone or not.

    Good luck with your mare
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    Is this the mare that you've posted about on the Horse Care forum, that's eating close to 50# a day in hay plus lots of other food? And that's getting turned out by herself in the arena only?

    If so, I think a more natural lifestyle would benefit her greatly. Treat the ulcers, but turn her out with buddies for a few months, on grass, and let her chill. Breed or not, but I bet she'll be better if you give her time to relax and just be a horse with plenty of turnout.
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