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    Kinda makes ya want to eat less of EVERYTHING, doesn't it?

    That works well, too . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Eboshi View Post
    Kinda makes ya want to eat less of EVERYTHING, doesn't it?

    That works well, too . . .
    That is what sensible people do.
    Don't worry about your food so much as to make a pseudo-religion of it following some bandwagons.
    Eat in moderation and a bit of everything.
    If you have any special needs, learn about them and use that common sense to live well with and around them.

    Just some plain, good horse sense will do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    Well, I check teeth when we buy a load of cows, but they still have their heads on then.

    It is interesting that in your plant they age them before slaughter.
    If that is what they told you, then their inspectors do things differently than here, which doesn't mean it is wrong or right, just different.

    I understood the local plants inspectors to say that it was standard to check hanging carcasses for maturity as I described.
    I should not have assumed that standard means in all places they inspect and that is the only way they may do it.

    For the kind of possible contamination that may make someone sick, plants here have labs that run samples all day long.
    That is how they catch the occasional contaminated lot they then condemn and if it has already been sent to retailers, recall it.
    I'm not sure at what point they check their teeth. Perhaps just after they shoot and bleed them. This plant does use a bullet and not a bolt gun. As I said, it's pretty small and a custom plant. I found this out last summer when I took an older cow up to be processed and she was judged to be older than 30 months. I knew that anyway so it was no surprise but I did discuss it with them in advance.

    I suspect also the reason we are not asked about substances nor is it a big deal is that we still own the meat when it's processed. You go back and pick it up about 2 weeks later. It's do with as you, sell, etc... I don't know if they test it or not but I would expect they must since it's a USDA inspected plant.

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